Create An Image Slide Plugin Part 2: Setup

In the second post post from the series of tutorials on creating a WordPress plugin for displaying image slides we’ll learn how to setup a WordPress plugin that is more complex and using best practice techniques and code. In the previous post of the series we’ve briefly introduced the basic concept of creating WordPress plugins. […]

Create An Image Slide Plugin Part 1: Intro

This is the first post from a series of tutorials in which we’ll create a WordPress plugin for displaying image slides. This first part is an introduction to creating WordPress plugins. Plugins, alongside themes, have been a driving force for the huge success of  WordPress’ which now powers some 30% of the websites on the […]

WordPress Internals: Loading Sequence

Whenever I start learning something new I prefer to have a deep understanding of the process that goes on behind the scene of whatever I’m trying to learn. From experience, I can tell you that this can be both good and bad, because you can often get stuck and feel like you’re never gonna get […]